"So, I finished reading the book today. I don't know that I've ever cried so hard for someone that I have never even met. Her resilience is beyond remarkable. I am from Louisiana, and we are still dealing with the disaster of the recent 1000 year flood that affected more than 1/3 of our entire state. This book reminded me that, on the grand scale, there are others who are suffering far more than we are. I am inspired by her strength, and will remember her story in times of sorrow to keep fighting with chin up! Love always finds a way!"  

               - Jodie Berteau Singer, LA

"To read the story really makes one appreciate life. Thinking of what Christine went through over the course of three months, allows me to realize how lucky I am. Christine has shown immeasurable amounts of determination to survive and demonstrates how to take a lot of negatives and turn them into a positive. This is great reading. I have so much respect for Christine and her "will to survive. " She did just that and credits God for everything in her life. This is a real life happy ending whereby someone with all odds against her, creates an attitude all of us should learn. With God, anything is possible. I am proud to call Christine a dear friend!  Sandy Hoge, GA

"This is an extraordinary story of how a multi-racial and multicultural teenager survived abuse, torture, and the Rwanda massacres. Christine displays incredible inner strength to survive and become a motivational writer and speaker.
The book is filled with pain and suffering as Christine endures an abusive home life and civil war. But, she perseveres the darkness and shows personal strength to emerge into the light. Motivational, Spiritual, 6 stars!"

                       - Chad Kish, MO 

"If you want to be inspired. READ THIS BOOK! If you need your faith in humanity restored HIRE THIS SPEAKER! If you strive for right and justice in the world LEARN HER STORY! It will drive you to the depths of sadness and the heights of euphoria understanding the very intimate details of this amazing heroine's trek through life. Tell everyone you know about her!"

                    - Susan H.B. Singer, MA

"Extraordinary. Christine displays incredible strength beyond even her comprehension. Spiritually powerful and moving. Throughout unspeakable pain you can continue to see this bright soul shine through.  Incredibly poignant and moving. Seeing such a compassionate person leaves me nothing but heartfelt admiration for the author. While the book is filled with pain, you can easily feel the light and strength emerge as the true beauty and essence of her soul is shown. Compassionate. A beautiful lady rises as a winner. ONE POWERFUL WOMAN!  RESPECT!!! BIG LOVE!!! POWERFUL!!!"
- Christopher Tote
"This book is tremendously important. An eyewitness countof the great tragedies of the 20th century told in a simple style with real feeling." -  Francis Flynn, Jr.
"Speechless!" - Cleavon Meabon


Marie-Christine Williams

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