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"All this time it was hard for me to even think.  I had nowhere to go and was scared I wouldn’t find anyone who felt sorry enough for me to protect me.  Minors, who weren’t required to have identity papers, were judged as to their ethnicity by their appearance.  One Hutu soldier who stopped me said, 'I can tell what you are by smelling you.  You are Tutsi and as you know we are killing Tutsi’s.  We hate Tutsis.  So if you lie to me I will kill you anyway.'  I swore to him that I was Hutu and not Tutsi.  Of course everyone denied being Tutsi.  When I begged the man to let me go, he said, 'Shut up and take off your clothes!'  I stood naked in front of a group Interahamwe (Hutu soldiers).  The man smelled me, sniffing my neck and saying I smelled like a Tutsi. One of the Interahamwe came to me with a bloody machete and said, 'You look like you are ready to die.  Do you want me to kill you now?  Or do you want to wait?' "

- Marie-Christine Williams 



Marie-Christine Williams

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