".....I am grateful to say that my life continues to get better.  I have good friends and deep relationships. I like who I am. I have found that sharing my past in this way has helped heal my heart, and I hope it will help others to heal theirs and remember never to give up, no matter how dire the situation may appear. I didn't, and I am the better for it. When people ask me how I managed to outlast everything in my life, I tell them it was due to my determination and the grace of God. I tell them, pray with an open heart and God will help you, just as he did me. True, I will always be that poor girl from Rwanda. But I will also always be that strong woman who survived."

Marie-Christine Williams

"I hate thinking about the killings - the people, friends and family I lost who died screaming and tortured.  Yet they are impossible not to think about.  It has taken me almost 20 years to recover my sanity and equilibrium..."  
                            THE DARK SIDE OF HUMAN NATURE


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Marie-Christine Williams

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